We are professional photographers. Our location and studio imagery is used around the world in every sphere of aviation, industrial advertising and marketing.

As photographers we paint with light, the camera is important but it is the image that is King. We create bespoke photographs with or without a brief, or to add to our ever growing aerospace and defense stock library. We shoot fixed winged aircraft, rotary winged aircraft airports, dirigibles, people, boats, industrial locations, with and without props. We can use gods own light or we can bring our own. When pushed we have used the headlights on the car, candles and even moonlight.

The images can be created pretty much anywhere, interior and exterior, and as each job is entirely individual, the effect and style of the image is always different, which is why bespoke photography makes so much more of a statement of intent for an individual client.

My mission is to create a concise photographic statement for my clients, or my stock library, to create beyond expectation, to confound and confuse my fellow photographers, to excite, to motivate and inspire people to respond with the utmost confidence.

As each and every project is different, the best and most effective way to start is for a representative of Cordwell Aero to recce the location or view the product. Planning saves time, money, effort and hair, contributing substantially to the ultimate success of the project. It is very much a case of what the project needs, not what the client or photographer wants.

Our background is a working lifetime in industrial and advertising photography, both studio and location, our portfolio boasts the names of many internationally quoted companies and our vast wealth of experience provides the impetus to tackle most any photographic project with the utmost professional confidence and integrity.