Good afternoon Paul, we hope you are well and thank you so much for sending through the CD’s with the amazing pictures. Everyone who has seen them  has been  absolutely delighted, we certainly have a fantastic selection to choose from. The images are classy and professional and we shall be proud to use them. From the onset, we  were very confident of the quality of your work and we knew that you would settle for nothing less than perfection, however the photos are fantastic and a brilliant  reflection of the excellent photographer that you are. The selection  has  exceeded all our expectations, you really have excelled yourself. Furthermore, it has been great spending time with both you and your lovely assistant Jacqui, we  shall certainly look forward to working with you again in the future and will most definitely recommend you”.

Nicola Robb : OryxJet


“If you want the picture you thought was impossible to turn into the star of the brochure or exhibition stand then Paul is your man.
I have lost count of the times he has made something out of nothing, delivering an image that astounds the client, and me”.
Qualities : Great Results : Personable : Creative

Robin P…. : Tig Heffernan Offline .


“Not only is Paul a creative, skilled photographer, he is trustworthy and reliable. The quality of the end result is helped by his obvious passion for what he does and his full understanding of both client and agency needs.
Paul’s personable nature makes life easy throughout all stages of a project, including being part of upfront meetings with clients. Paul is fun and professional to work with, and he produces beautiful work. What more could you ask for?”

Liz Hemes, KLM.


“I enjoy working with Paul and would recommend him for other people seeking a photographer who will deliver great results and deliver beyond your expectations. He is always on the end of the phone if you need advice or to ask him anything photography related.”

Ruth Marshall :


“I first met Paul whilst following my path as a young designer working for a number of design companies that used Paul’s expertise. This gave me the confidence and absolutely no hesitation in using Paul with my own client’s photographic requirements once I’d set up Spice Design.
Paul’s knowledge and excellence within his field goes way beyond what is asked of him and he will make creative suggestions that will always enhance any photograph. He is fantastic with clients and I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending his services.”

Jacqui Brown : Spice Design


“Paul has always produced some excellent work for me, a combination of all the contributing factors, finding locations, setting up props, the full service more than just taking great pictures.”

James Cook : Allign and Pull


“Paul is always professional and works well with all, his results are outstanding and I have always been impressed with the work that he has provided for our company. He also provided many creative yet realistic ideas which if you knew the product you would understand how difficult that can be – boilers – when essentially they all look the same from the outside but he always managed to think outside the box – no pun intended!”
Great Results, Expert, Creative.

Katie Beete


“We have used Paul for many years and will continue to do so as he continues to exceed our high expectations in terms of quality, creativity and commitment.”

Warren Drumm


Lots of others too, if you care to ask.