These are the questions most often asked, but please, if the answers below can’t help please do contact us.


Who owns the images.
The images are the sole property of Paul Cordwell Photography Limited.

If I purchase an image can I store it on my computer after the agreed usage.
No, Paul Cordwell Photography Limited owns the copyright to all the images. Once the images have been used they must be deleted from your computer systems and any further usage will need to be reapplied for, and new image(s) sent.

Do you supply images for personal use.
The stock library of photography is intended for business to business use only. However, the photographic Art Gallery contains a bank of imagery that might well grace the walls of homes as well as offices. In this instance enquiries for personal usage can be made by contacting the library staff either by email or telephone.

What happens if you’ve supplied me with a high res image and I don’t use it
Once we have supplied an image under a contractual agreement the contract can not be altered or rescinded in any way and hence the cost will still apply.

Can I manipulate an images once purchased to fit my brief.
Although we do allow enhancement or manipulation of our images, you will need to contact us to discuss the context in which you intend to use the retouched image. To protect our reputation we retain the right to refuse any permission we deem not be in pursuance of the high moral and ethical standards as set by us and our chosen industry.

How often is the library updated.
It is our mission to update on a continual basis, weekly where possible.

What if the type of image we are looking does not appear to exist on the library.
Making strenuous efforts to provide the market for aviation imagery with the sort of creative photography required by industry, we welcome suggestions for shoots or styles or locations and will even fund a shoot for a client based around his or hers specific needs. Additionally, only a fraction of the imagery available can be added to the website so although the image may not be apparent on the site it doesn’t mean it does not exist. Please ask or email us with your requirements.

Do I have to pay for the images.
Yes, all the images on the site belong to Paul Cordwell Photography Limited and usage fees apply for every image. All of the images are outside of the public domain.

What size do your hi res images print to.
Predominately all the High Resolution Jpeg images print to over six feet across and larger. There are several size options to choose from for whichever suits your creative brief. Should you require the facility, for a modest additional charge, images can be supplied on disk as Tiff files. Again, please talk to Paul, Alexanrdra or Jacqueline.