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This web site is about professional photography.

There are two main functions of the site.

The first function is to showcase the many photographic portfolios of Paul Cordwell and how he has responded to clients and his own briefs and produced the images to order. Within the portfolio galleries there are crafted aviation images as well as a specific portfolio that displays Paul’s advertising  photographic work.

The second is a Stock Image channel supplying crafted and creative photographic library imagery to the Aviation industry. Within the many different galleries of images available there is also a photographic fine art gallery of aviation and automotive imagery.

As you will appreciate from Paul’s biography, he has worked across many client specialisations and genre’s. As such his vast experience allows his clients to access a huge resource from which to draw upon in the subject of photographic problem solving.  Whereas a photograph is created by merely the opening and closing of a camera shutter, the journey to get to that point may be long and will be complicated. Particularly when you consider all the variables, such as the location, product availability, weather, models, travel, permits, volts, props, food, subsistence, wardrobe, access, flights, traffic, hotels, equipment, carnets, thieves, health and safety, PPE, and many more. Each project has its own existence, its own identity, no two are ever the same that why bespoke photographs say more about the client than any stock library image.

Wants Page:

What do you want to see on this site

This page is really to help me help you. Tell me what sort of images you want, what are the subjects, the locations, the style and what you want the content to accurately demonstrate.  The Cordwell Aero web site is all about content and how that content helps you do your job and what precise message you want to extend to your clients. By reaching out with crafted and creative images in brochures, web sites and mailers you are informing your clients how and at what level your company performs. At the same time scaring the pants of your competition.  As detailed above, this can be accomplished in two ways, either with my stock image library or bespoke photography as showcased in my portfolios.  Just leave me a note below either way and I can get back to you with some suggestions or set up a meeting to pop over and discuss the project.  No two projects are the same, ever. Individuality is one of the keys to unlocking the potential in your brand, not a resource to be squandered lightly.

Looking forward to hearing from you.



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